Why Every Business Need a Content Strategy
September 29, 2019

Content strategyOver the years, content marketing has shown how immensely effective it is, and how it can be critical to creating the trust, which then results in conversions. According to Stratbeat, “80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles, versus an advertisement.”
But, similar to almost all other techniques of digital marketing, content marketing is something you can’t dive into blindly.
Take a look at a basketball team; they don’t just storm into the court with no intensive game plan. This illustration should give you an idea of why you shouldn’t randomly create content without having an initial strategy. A study from Marketing Profs and Content Marketing Institute discovered that “Marketers who have a documented strategy are not only more effective but also less challenged with every aspect of content marketing.”
Here are some specific reasons why you need a content marketing strategy right now.

  • Ensure flexibility

Almost all campaigns involve distribution to multiple channels in which content is spread out across a number of mediums. I’ll use myself as an example – I’ve done a whole lot of things from social media and blog posts to guides and webinars. That is a fantastic thing with regards to content marketing. You get a lot of freedom, which gives you the chance to get to your audience through several channels.
Nevertheless, an issue which I have seen several marketers go through is an entire lack of cohesiveness with the content they create. Most times, it’s all over the place and treating a variety of topics, which can be challenging to understand to an audience.
According to my experience, there is a high tendency of you running into this issue when you have no formal strategy created. But when you create a documented plan, it will be seamless for you to chart your journey.
With this, you’ll be sure that you treat topics which are in your specific niche. You will also develop content that your audience will easily understand and generally stay on the right path with your business.

  • Create a solid brand identity

No one can argue about the fact that the importance of effective branding is at its highest in recent times. With several markets now oversaturated, and an infinite amount of companies going after a finite amount of audience. You are required to be at your best for you to be chosen from the masses.
One simple reason I admire content marketing is that it is the right way for me to let my personality glow through, and revealing what I bring to the company. But to create a solid brand identity, I discovered that it is fundamental for every business to have a strategy ready.
When you create a strategy, it will give you the path for picking the tone, style, and entire approach to go with, and also the particular mediums to use.

  • Increase the productivity of your content marketing

I have discovered that; to make a significant progress, I must hold myself accountable. With no strategy showing the amount of content created, where it is required to be posted and when; you will likely see it all seamless to flounder.
If you are the individual who requires a little nudge for you to start moving, a formal strategy is necessary. Maybe your target is to create three blog posts a week, update Facebook five times a week. It might also be to update Twitter ten times a week, make two infographics in a month, etc.
When a content strategy is available, all these become way easier, and it will be more realistic to reach your target.

  • Analyze patterns

One other thing I have come to know about having success with content marketing is the fact that it needs endless tweaking and tinkering. Several techniques will work excellently, while some others will fail. That is simply part of the journey.
When you get a written documentation of all you’re doing; it will be easier for you to monitor any progress you make. It will also be easier to determine what is working or not.
You will also get to know the metrics you need to concentrate on to get a more profound sense of how your entire campaign is going. With this, you should get to know when a specific area requires some revamping.
As you collect more data, you can finally revamp your campaign to a perfectly functioning engine and work with utmost efficiency.

  • Maximize your return on investment (ROI)

Are you aware that “content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads?” According to my observations, content marketing will likely be the all-time most effective marketing strategy.
The playing field is levelled by content marketing, and a small business can mostly compete with large companies, in as much as they have created a well-thought-out, smart campaign.
When you develop an in-depth strategy and carefully chart your course, there is a maximum amount of guarantee that it will result in a fantastic result.
With less wasted motion and higher productivity, this should greatly assist you in seeing a higher return on every investment you make. In turn, you’ll most likely get a higher number of leads and conversions while spending less money and time.


Having full knowledge of the hows and whys is vital in determining the path of your content marketing strategy. That is the reason I can’t make enough emphasis on how necessary it is for you to create a unique brand strategy. It’ll save you a tremendous amount of time and frustration as time goes on, and allow you to get significant results in a short period.
If you need a content strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to me as I am giving a free content strategy to everyone for a limited time.